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Hello, My name is Jarik Van Der Walt. I first started dog training in South Africa where I was born and raised. I  met my wife in the United States while farm working and she just so happens to love dogs herself. She has been breeding the Australian Labradoodle for 7 years and really focuses on the health and temperaments of the breed. 

I found myself being pulled in the dog training direction as training brings me a great sense of accomplishment and challenge. 

I use Baxter and Bella Training methods to train your puppies. I really believe in that program and love their philosophy 

"Dogs are NOT robots, they can NOT be programmed, rather, they are living and breathing creatures, with minds of their own, who think for themselves, and like us, they deserve respect and to be treated humanely.


"Whatever gets rewarded gets repeated!" and that by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, which is a combination of food, treats, toys, time, touch, praise and attention will help us successfully strengthen our relationships with our dogs, and create lasting trust and ongoing respect"


"Jarik is so trustworthy and very reliable. He takes pride in his work and always gives 100%"

A. Murray

“Jarik is very patient and detailed oriented. He loves animals and uses positive reinforcement for his training dogs. His dog Shrimp is his life"

K. Hatton

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